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decking melbourne south east

decking melbourne south east

A lavishing living area is the dream of every person. We understand the craving of our clients and provide our decking services to execute their ideas. Decking helps in extending the living area and providing space for relaxing and entertaining. It is an excellent alternative to the patio and other stone-based features. Many materials are available to use for creating decks. No matter how you want to design your deck, we will complete your project in a limited period. We will assist you in deciding the material that suits best with the surroundings. Then our dedicated team will construct a deck at your place.

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Melbourne Local Decking services provider

Decking services provider in Melbourne limits their work to construction. The charges of their services are high. But we provide our services at a competitive price to our clients that suit their budget. Also, we have a variety of decking types such as Timber, Composite, hardwood, and many more. Unlike other companies providing these services, our decking installation team will remain the same from the beginning to the end. The team will inspect the site, select the right design, and install the deck at your place. We have modern and trendy designs of Decking in Melbourne.

The installation of decking enhances the value of the property. Hence it is an excellent investment to your house. We assure you that your investment will be secure as we use high quality products. We provide cost efficient and standard decking supplies in Melbourne.
Decking Melbourne South East
Decking Melbourne South East 2

Our Decking services in Melbourne

Decking Installation and maintenance is one of our primary services. We have different types of decking ideas for our clients. Our extensive range of material types and colors will give you many options to select. Deck landscaping ads beauty to a house’s outdoor area, but it is exposed to nature. Hence, deck maintenance is necessary for securing these features for a long time. We have professionals who have experience in installing and maintaining deck at your home.

Timber decking melbourne south east

Timber decking has become a popular material for styling the outdoor area. It offers more design flexibility, which allows you to create unique and elegant spaces. It is suitable for both commercial and residential property. Also, Timber decking in Melbourne is used mostly alongside pools and spas. So if you are willing to do pool deck renovation, then timber material is recommended. We will provide you the technical information about all timber decking installation and repair solutions.

spotted gum decking Melbourne

Spotted gum is one of the most attractive wood material for decking needs. It is durable, reliable, and hard material. This timber comes in various colors. It is a suitable material to work on, whether by hand or by machine. If you want to install the spotted gum decking in any part of Melbourne, then we would love to help you.

Trex decking Melbourne

Tex decking is a desire of many homeowners. The products of Trex Company are well known for their durability and style. The wood fiber-polymer composite material is used to manufacture the decking products. Composite material extends the versatility of living areas. We are providing our Trek decking in Melbourne at a low cost.

Merbau decking Melbourne

Merbau is the reddish-brown colored wood that suits the outdoor Decking. There are many advantages of Merbau, which makes it the ideal decking material in Melbourne.
Color and appearance: It can retain freshness for a long time. The color may range from red to brown.
Suitable for outdoor: The low expansion rate and durability of this timber are perfect for the outdoor area.
Easy Workability: This wood is easy to cut and shape with the help of a saw.
Bush Fire Resistance: Merbau is considered favorable for fire-prone areas. This type of wood does not catch fire quickly. Hence, Merbau Decking in Melbourne is a suitable option.
Contact us for more information about Merbau decking designs and ideas.

Ironbark decking Melbourne

Ironbark is class 1 durable material used for constructing decks. This type of wood is available in colors from grey/ chocolate to deep red. It is termite resistant and is used for over 200 years in the construction. It is hard and highly durable for decking needs. Ironbark Decking is considered in Melbourne for houses. It is one of those hardwoods recommend by authorities for construction in fire-prone areas.

Blackbutt decking Melbourne

Blackbutt wood is the typical hardwood available in Australi. It is readily accessible and used for exterior projects. Due to strong and durable properties, it is used widely for Decking. It looks ravishing in outdoor areas. Blackbutt decking is conventional in Melbourne. The affordable price attracts the homeowners to install this decking.

Composite Decking Melbourne

The composite decking can withstand the high temperature in Melbourne. It is low maintenance material and suitable for the decking needs. Composite decking will last longer than the wood decking. If you want to install the decking at your property, then call us now.
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decking prices Melbourne

Get the quality decking at low prices in Melbourne. The total cost of the decking depends on the material used for constructing Deck. Pine decking is cheaper than composite.
Treated pine decking- $200 /m2
Hardwood timber decking- $320+/m2
Composite decking– $350+/m2
For more information about The decking prices in Melbourne, contact us through email or call.

Hardwood decking Melbourne

Hardwoods are the luxury choice for constructing decking in Melbourne. It doesn’t accept stain and is hard. It comes with a warranty of 3 to 25 years. This wood is tough, durable, stable, and fire-resistant. The hardwoods don’t shrink, so they are highly recommended for decking construction. For more information about the price of Hardwood decking in Melbourne, call us now.

Silver top ash decking Melbourne

Silver top ash decking is highly durable in Melbourne. The cost efficient wood is available in white to light brown and light pink to brown color. It is another Australian hardwood that is recommended for the bushfire-prone areas.

Why choose South East Landscapers for Decking services in Melbourne

Change your traditional patio and terraces with the eye-catchy decking features. South East Landscapers are providing decking and landscaping services that suit every budget. We are the trusted decking service provider in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We work on our fixed objectives.
We focus on design, manufacture, customer care, research and development, and after-sales service. Our solutions will add ambiance to your outdoor area. Also, we have a wide range of designs at reasonable decking prices in Melbourne.

Contact us now Decking Services in Melbourne at affordable prices

Whether you want to timber decking restoration or any decking installation, we will provide all the services are low price. If you compare our prices with other company’s decking prices in Melbourne, you will observe that our services are inexpensive. Contact us for all kind of decking needs. We assure you of high quality products and standard services.